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Leading Advanced Agriculture


Rain Spray Hose

Business Items:

• Rain Spray Hose
• Mulching Plastic Sheet
• Bed Soil
• General Plastic Sheet
• Seeder
• Filter
• Sprayer & Hose Reel
• Hose Valve
• Cushion Chair(for farmer)
• Greenhouse band
• LD Flexible Tube
• Seedling Transplanting Tool


Dear Value Customers,

We are a company, called as HANSEUNG Inc. that produces Agricultural product in Korea.  Our company has been more than 20 years of history for manufacturing in Rain Spray Hose. We have expanded our marketing to out of Korea since a few years ago. Currently it has been opening our office in Cambodia and will open other countries.

Please let us know of anything you want to know about our products and feel free to contact us.

If you have available time, our staff will go to your place and explain more detail about our products.