For Black Pepper and Coffee

  • For Black Pepper and Coffee.
  • A lot of water may be discharged in a short period of time.
  • Difficult to be clogged due to big holes.
  • Uniform spraying of water.
  • The filtering device is used.
Type 1: Both side punching 1
Type 2: One side punching
Type 3: Both side punching 2

Type 4: For self type


It may be punched directly to the required position enclosed pin of two type(O, ㅡ).

 How to use :

  • First install the hose, stand to the side and punching in the appropriate position. (when you drill a hole, holding as much as the pin to enter, poke in to the tape quickly.)


  • It is designed to be irrigated close the roots, so can reduce the water. (one side)
  • It is designed to be irrigated so that one side is close to the crop and the other side is far away. ( both side1)
  • It can be laid with weed mat to prevent weed.
  • It is easy to work and almost no weeds. (one side)
  • Can control the water spraying width by adjusting the water pressure. (both side1, 2)
  • Can be adjusted the punching shape,  and size depending on user’s needs.

Laid down as below: