For Flower

  •  It is designed with holes proper for Flower.
  •  The filtering device is used.
  •  There are 2 types.
Type 1:
  • It is installed on the ground and can be sprayed near the roots for young crops.
  • The water is discharged to the end of the hose, it begins to sprinkle, so the amount of water in the front and back of the hose is the same.
picture1 picture2
Type 2:
  • Sprinkle water can be sprayed like fog to grow crops without damaging the flowers.
  • The range of watering is wide, so the crops grow uniformly.
picture3 picture4
(DA-5) 24holes (one-side hole) 20holes
picture5 picture6
※ Install two types of hose together and can be irrigated the crop from the seed to the flower of the harvesting plant.