How to check the right installation of the irrigation hose (GWANSU)

① Check it using the state of water spraying from the mulching sheet after the water hits the sheet.


   ※ When the mulching sheet is laid, put it in a way that there is sufficient space between mulching sheet and the ridge so that it can be visually checked that the water coming out of the hose hits the mulching sheet.
 ※ Proper pressure 0.3~0.4 bar


 ※ How to check the pressure


  – Install the pressure meter and then adjust the pressure
  – If there is no pressure meter, make sure that the water is fully filled to the end of the spray hose. Press it with one hand. If the 1 cm is pressed, the pressure is proper. If the 1 cm is easily pressed, it means the water pressure is weak or vice versa. The adjustment of the water pressure may be done by controlling either the valve of pump or valve of the spray hose.

② If the spacing between mulching sheet and the ridge is not sufficient for observing the spraying water hitting the mulching sheet, check whether the water flows down along the inside of the mulching sheet. If that happens, it shows the hose works fine.


③ If it is hard to visually check if the hose works fine, put the hand inside the mulching sheet to find out that the inside is wet.


④ Check if the water comes out smoothly, It’s sounds like rain hitting the mulching sheet.



⑤ How to clean the inside of the hose: Put the sponge into the hose and pushed by the pressure of water. If so, the debris in the hose will be removed.


provided sponge free of charge.