How to lay the irrigation rain spray hose (GWANSU)

① Tilt the field prior to make the furrow


② Make the furrow over the titled field.


③ First, sprinkle fertilizer on the field before installing.


④ After set up a posts at the starting point, fixing the spray hose to the posts and proceeds.
※  Be careful not to scratch the spray hose and proceed install with 2 people together.


⑤ Fix end of hose and connect the other end with the connection valve.
※ Due to the diurnal range so the hose is stretched or be reduced,  do not cut the hose too close but let it have some length of hose remaining when connected to the valve.


⑥ After install the spray hose, spraying test.
※  Through the spray test, visually check the water comes out as well.


⑦ Install the mulching sheet over the irrigation spray hose.
※ When using color combination mulching sheet, it can be check
of the sprinkler directly with visually.
Fix the mulching sheet with pin.


⑧ After install the spray hose and mulching sheet, drill the
holes to the planting crops place by using the tool.
Drilling tools


※  After planning the size, location and spacing of the hole and then start.

⑨ Plant crops ready to move.


⑩ After moving planted crops and irrigate to the crops.
  ※ Check the water comes out as well.