How to use the rain spray hose and precautions

① Prior to the start of use, conduct the test spraying (with 1m of spraying height and 3m of spraying width).


 ② The proper water pressure is 0.4 bar. If the water is more pressurized than the proper water pressure, the hose may burst.
 ※ How to check the pressure
  – Install the pressure meter and then adjust the pressure
  – If there is no pressure meter, make sure that the water is fully filled to the end of the spray hose. Press it with one hand. If the 1 cm is pressed, the pressure is proper. If the 1 cm is easily pressed, it means the water pressure is weak or vice versa. The adjustment of the water pressure may be done by controlling either the valve of pump or valve of the spray hose.


③ In case that the width of hose is 3cm or 2.5cm, slowly put the water into the hose to get the proper pressure.


④ In a large farm, it is efficient to divide the area before irrigation.
In that case, install the valve for each irrigation hose and designate the zone to where the water is supplied.
If the water has a lot of foreign matters, use the filter.


⑤How to clean the inside of the hose: Put the sponge into the hose and pushed by the pressure of water. If so the debris in the hose will be removed.


provided sponge free of charge.