What is the irrigation rain spray hose? (GWANSU)

Our irrigation rain spray hose (GWANSU) are 2 types.

1) Installed mulching : It is laid under the mulching plastic sheet(The water upwards)


2) Not installed mulching : It is laid on the ground without mulching plastic sheet. (The stream is bottom)



The watering can be supplied close to the roots of the of plants. As the spray hose has the hole on its sides only, the water slides over the inside the mulching plastic sheet and is spread over the furrow to fully soak the area, thus reducing the time and labor and also helping the plants grow uniformly. Some products are available for pressure control.

In addition, as its hole has no risk of getting clogged, the fertilizer can be sprayed with water. The number of holes can be adjusted depending on the demand of customers and several types of spray hose are available with one-sided hole or two-sided hole product.

But the conventional drip hose has disadvantages of easily being clogged by the foreign matters, and not being able to spraying the mixture of water and fertilizer, thus making it hard for the plants to grow uniformly.

Our GWANSU is developed by the headquarters in Hanseung Korea which only and unique product in the world. Only Hanseung manufactures and sell the products.

               Image of spraying                              Image of spraying under the mulching sheet