What is the Mulching Sheet?

This is used to prevent the evaporation of water, erosion and grasses on soil.

Mulching type:

  • HD black (single ply)
  • HD color combination (single ply) – 1 line color, 2 line color
  • LD blackn (single ply)

Difference between HD and LD black:

  • HD mulching plastic sheet is not used usually to the ridge or use machinery to plant crops because it has a torn properties.
  • HD has the advantage of being inexpensive.
  • Use the crops does not matter even if HD is torn.
  • LD mulching plastic sheet is used usually to the ridge or use machinery to plant crops because it has elongated than HD.
  • Although LD is more expensive than HD which is available to all circumstances.

Effects of Mulching plastic sheet:

  • It helps the low ground temperature to rise, thus facilitating the growth of plants (in early spring)
  • It prohibits the ground temperature from rising (in summer)
  • It keeps the grasses for growing.
  • It prohibits the soil from eroded (in monsoon season).
  • It helps the soil to keep the water.
  • It presents the rain from invading into the virus in soil, thus preventing the injuries from insects.
  • Transparent plastic sheet helps the low ground to rise in the low season.
  • Color combination plastic sheet is combined the advantages transparent and black plastic sheet.
  • One line mulching mostly use to get more effect on the end of October ~ middle of January.
  • Black mulching use on April ~ June to more effect(It’s effect to make temperature sun light down). The special of Black mulching is during 1 year, it’s the product which most usable product.